Alternative Horsemanship

Remote Horse Coach

Samantha Harvey developed Alternative Horsemanship over the last 25 plus years of working within the horse industry.  She offers clinics internationally, accepts a limited number of troubled horses for training each year, and teaches lessons to both the competitive and pleasure rider.  Her varied background working with horses in the USA, UK, South America, Caribbean and South Pacific islands has led her to become incredibly adaptable at how she presents information to students.  One of the unforeseen challenges has been circumstances that limited riding opportunities, and she had to learn to adapt her teaching abilities- but sans the horse!

How much can we accomplish without the horse? By removing the horse and focusing on the rider, she is address the rider's mental focus and approach by helping people learn to think through and refine their focus.

Riders don't realize how much distraction the horse can create. They may have not taken the time to prioritize their own clarity, address questions and raise awareness as to their own distractions or triggers that can cause them to mentally check out, sneak through or avoid scenarios with their horse.

Equine Remote Coaching can be a great opportunity to learn how to be pro-active, refine the hows and whys of our communication with our horse, and allow the rider to explore, address and change patterns in their own interactions with their horse.

And that is why a few years back Sam Harvey wanted to extend her clientele to reach those that were unable to attend in person sessions, and so she developed Alternative Horsemanship Remote Hose Coaching. She now helps riders world wide with three different personalized coaching options, online support at her Q & A forum on Facebook,  live weekly video feeds and webinars. 

Remote Horse Coaching sessions are a way to learn how to refine one's abilities in order to be the best version of themselves for their horse and to offer them the greatest support possible.

This applies to both competitive and pleasure riders. This format of learning is successful to folks irrelevant of the discipline, years of experience of the rider, or the age of the horse.

Every moment we spend with our horse, we are teaching them something. Why not show up with a positive, pro-active awareness and clear intent in order to create that solid, long lasting, and rewarding partnership?

Alternative Horsemanship Remote Horse Coach